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After some mind-freeing days with good friends, my England-trip is soon to be over. To be honest, the first impulse for me coming over right now was a show of The Chariot and Norma Jean. It reminded me of the last time that I visited, and so we thought about why not repeat this? And because I wanted to spend some more time overseas than before, we made an 18-day-trip out of visiting one small concert.

Even though I’m kind of sad to head back to Germany soon, I’m still excited to continue work with bsclly and implement all the new ideas I have in mind. Speaking of that, my good friend Craig was really happy about the design prints we ordered for him, and we even worked out some great ideas for a new, top secret collab. As an ending of this amazing time that brought many new impressions for private and work life, this show is going to be the most perfect for all of us. By this trip coming to an end, I guess I want to send some Thank-You’s to: Craig, Lauren, Dale, Anna, Dale&Craig's Parents, Matt, Matt's Parents, Sam, Tom, Sam&Tom's Parents & Nanouk Additionally, I want to send some special thanks to Janine for taking care of shipping all the incoming bsclly orders while I was away.

See you tomorrow in Sheffield!!!