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Back from my (Sebastian) short trip to England, I can say I’m happy I could meet up with Craig, creator of our dreamcatcher, and Peter, who’s responsible for all of our corporate design before the release this week. Additionally to having a few days off of university and everyday life, I could also get some good friends’ advices on bsclly. and its future way. Other than that, I also made sure our customers would benefit from my trip as well: I brought a hell lot of sweets with me from the UK, and the next 50 customers will all receive a little something with their order. Nice of us? Very nice..

Anyways, we’re glad you guys seem to like the exclusive preview of the Spring collection coming in less than five days! Our friend Matt from Riseabove as well as Clemens Siebler and Benjamin Bartosch really did a pretty good job finishing that video. Let’s just hope you’ll like the new range just as much, but we’re sure you’ll even love it! 5th of May, stay tuned!