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Last weekend, bsclly appeared in a different formation than usually: Benni, one of our photoshoot models, and me – Sebastian – took some time to expand bsclly’s reach and to get together with some very good friends.

FRIDAY – REACHING OUT FOR THE GERMAN RAP SCENE Some time ago, we stumpled upon german rapper SAM and his mixtape on the internet. We were absolutely amazed right from the beginning, especially by his song “Irgendwann”, which absolutely fits our own and bsclly’s dream. Without hesitating, we contacted SAM and asked him if he would like to cooperate with bsclly, therefore supporting each other’s art. Since he instantly answered us back, being very impressed by our brand and wishing to cooperate, we decided to pay him a visit at one of his shows last Friday to hand over his new bsclly clothing personally. Not only the show itself was great, we also had the opportunity to talk to SAM for quite a while. All we can say is: this guy may not only be one of the nicest artists we’ve ever met, but he will definitely be heard of.

SATURDAY – TRUE FRIENDS, GOOD MUSIC AND SPECIAL FOOD As the second highlight of the weekend, Benni and I have been invited to Doris of Raw Diamond for dinner. Her and Nanouk, our good friends of Avocado Booking, as well as Benni, have been supporting bsclly and our dreams since day one. We really do appreciate all of their help and advice concerning our business. Still, this time we were surprised with a very special meal out of Doris’ newest project: LaminEATs.As the girlfriend of a booking agent for hardcore / metal tours, she enjoys cooking for the bands on tours and several shows and is even well-known for her delicious vegetarian and vegan food. She finally decided to give others the opportunity to follow her self-created recipes by printing them on laminates, based on the shape and design of tour passes. After finishing the most amazing dinner ever, we even got an exclusive insight on the Raw Diamond website, which is soon to be launched. Talking to Nanouk about upcoming tours of Avocado Booking made the night even more perfect. And before anyone is asking: Doris’ food really IS worth being tagged with #foodporn on instagram. If you prefer vegetarian creations by heart over fast food, you have to check out her LaminEATs as soon as possible!