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No matter the ups and downs 2012 might have put us through and how trivial this might sound: music is what keeps us going. The following records have all been released during the last twelve months and managed to crawl into both our minds and hearts.


Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind
I was lucky enough to see Converge two days before x-mas live this year. I was blown away by the energy they bring on stage, from the very first second they give 110%. Seeing them live is more than just a concert, it's an experience nobody should miss out on. Their eighth studio LP "All We Love We Leave Behind" definitely "stands toe-to-toe with the best of the band's canon", since it's an 38 minute-masterpiece which perfectly captures the way the band performs live.

Dikembe - Broad Shoulders
I can't remember how I came across those guys from Gainsville - I guess I found them while lurking on Spotify - but right from the start I fell in love with the band’s first full length record Broad Shoulders. "Broad Shoulders is a short, fast, angry album that understands if we ever sit and think too long about all of the shit in our lives, then our lives simply become that shit." It's exactly what I need on a rainy day where I'm supposed to get stuff done but don't feel like doing anything and instead hang around in bed all day.

Videosforpictures - Joy Farm
"Nine songs about death and injury, recorded between march and august 2012. In a basement in New Hampshire, in a bedroom in Virginia." This is how Videosforpictures themselves describe their record Joy Farm. I like to be off of the mainstream road and I think this might be exactly the treasure I was looking for. If you want to try something new and are sick of all the buzz and bored of all those big lamestreaming singer-songwriters; check out Videosforpictures.


Parkway Drive - Atlas
As all of you probably already know, there's just no band like Parkway Drive. After releasing their Home Is For The Heartless DVD, expectations on the new record were nothing but high. To me, Atlas is like getting to see the world in the most honest and direct way there is. No rose-coloured glasses, no blind spots. This album just gets better and better.

The Weeknd - Trilogy
Thanks to Tumblr, I discovered Wicked Games and The Weeknd in early 2012 and fell in love with his music almost instantly. With Trilogy coming out in November, including already released mixtapes as well as new songs, this record has been on repeat for weeks. Yes my dear friends, when it comes to The Weeknd and his ability to create an atmosphere of indulgence and morning-afters, I am definitely back into liking R'n'B. Plans for 2013? See this man live.

The XX - Coexist
The XX's return to the studio must have made many people very happy. After seeing them live in early december, this band and their outstanding music gets me even more. Someone once reviewed the two records in the most perfect way: "XX was like the first date. It ends with a kiss. Coexist is the month or so after when you spend in limbo between a couple and fuckbuddies."