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So there's probably not one of you who doesn't know this saying. We do realize what comes to our minds first is probably images of alcohol and drug abuse, some groupie fangirls and men slapping each other on the backs for ignoring their girlfriend's calls. Oh and of course that movie Hangover. Anyways, what if you have the opportunity to go away for a while, have some great people around you and just be able to do things you might not get to do at home sweet home? Well, the answer is easy: Take it. No one will take experience or memories away from you. They will stay on the road you've travelled, they will remain in the places you've seen and they will be yours to keep.

What's that all about? Well first of all, I'm going on tour in February. I will do merch for Demoraliser on their tour with Betrayal and Thick As Blood, I will travel all around Europe and I will turn my experiences into everlasting memories. Second, this is exactly what our new stickers are about. 'What Happens On Tour Stays On Tour' is not about alcohol, girls and black-outs. It's about packing that car with some shirts and your people, getting out of here and having a fucking amazing time.

I am going to take bsclly. and all our fans with me, keep you updated via this blog and come home with some more stories to tell as a grandpa.

- Sebastian