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When Bastian asked us to join the Stijl Exhibition for Fashion and Design about one month ago, we had only been planning a trip to Mainz as visitors. After a quick brainstorming, the decision was made: not only would we set up a sales booth at the Stijl, but a new collection had to be released as well.

Thanks to all our friends as in designers, printers and of course postal services, we received new shirts, tanks, sweaters and tote bags right in time. Stickers, business cards and the best sales booth decorations ever were all packed, hang tags sewed and loads of clothes counted. After only few hours of sleep and setting up our booth at the Stijl (thanks to Annabatterie for their coffee and chai tea, it was freezing!) it was finally called: DOORS OPEN.

To be honest, we had no idea what was gonna happen. After two hours of tense waiting and shivering, people started to literally overrun us. Some designs were sold out within few hours, hundreds of stickers seemed to disappear and we could end the first day with a big grin on our faces.

The next day was even more promising, since our design PARANOID made it into the first Stijl-Magazin ever and we were interviewed by a german tv station called DAS DING. All tank tops were sould out by the end of the second day, and after loading everything that was left back into the car, it was time to say goodbye: at this point, we would like to thank Bastian for giving us this amazing chance to present bsclly to all those fashion nerds, Thomas from Shirthunters for stopping by and mentioning us on his blog, Janny from Superhorstjansen for her first-time-Stijl-tips (and the Haribo Colorado Minis!) and of course everyone who visited, bought and liked.

Looking back, we are very happy for making this experience. Our hard work was rewarded, and we can now start into the new year with even more motivation. We will definitely not miss the next Stijl, so we'll see you then!