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Paris Paris Paris!

I love Paris. I can't even describe it that much, I just love the small restaurants, the pâtisseries, the view and the people. It's been the second time that I was able to visit the capital, and other than study trips to Smartville in Hambach, the Champagnes G.H. Mumm house in Reims and to Marché de Rungis, the world's largest wholesale food market (at 4am in the morning…) we also had lots of free time to discover Paris on our own. This is not supposed to be an adventure journal, so I'm going to attach some of the many impressions I could capture on photos at the end of this post. There's only one more thing: whenever you're in Paris, you HAVE to go to La Durée. It's heaven on earth.

Journey begins at Smartville

Bought some delicious Mumm Champagne

Foodporn at Marché de Rungis

Tour Eiffel

View over Champs Elysées from the top of Arc de Triomphe

Nike Store at Champs Elysées

Well it’s not typical French but anyways, perfect place to get some snacks!

La Durée Pâtisserie

... inside. no words.

... and what I brought home

Sacré Coeur

View over Paris from Sacré Coeur

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2013 - and what are you up to?

So since spring finally seems to be arriving in Germany, we wanted to share our upcoming 2013 summer plans with you. We both, Sebastian and Janine, are absolutely sure that 2013 will be full of new experiences, amazing memories and lots of work as well. Since we always try to give you a "look behind the scenes" we thought we could, once more, take you with us to wherever we go and whatever we do that affects us both personally and in our work with bsclly. So this is what you can look forward to on Janine's behalf:

First of all: this summer will be my last one as a student. I don't know if I should be thrilled or sad about it, but I made a promise to myself to enjoy it anyways. Therefore I'm planning to spend my summer with friends, weekends at german music events like Southside and Splash Festival and generally just trying to not think about what happens after studies are over. But even before my final exams in late June, there are two trips I'm really looking forward to.

1 – I'm leaving for Paris this Thursday, which is tomorrow! Officially, it is a study trip I wasn't even supposed to take part in, but oh well, going anyways. But in fact, it's just going to be four days of sightseeing, hanging out with some amazing people I got to know over the last three years and, well, spending lots of money. Last time I went to Paris (for about 20 hours only) was to see Mac Miller, and I didn't even get to be anywhere near the Eiffeltower! So I am very excited for this trip and the impressions I will be able to gather and put into my work with bsclly. once I'm back.

2 – Only about three weeks later, my love for music will bring me back to Berlin. Since it has been announced in late 2012, I have been looking forward to attend The XX's Night + Day Festival at Berlin Spreepark with a good friend I haven't seen in a long time. Unfortunately, there won't be much time to appreciate Berlin itself since The Story So Far are doing a show in Stuttgart the night after. I don't know how to express my love for this band, but it is very vital and I can't wait to see them live on stage.

With final exams coming up in about a month, there won't be much to do other than studying, so I'm really looking forward to the opportunity of going to Paris and Berlin and sharing my impressions with all of you.

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Happy Easter!

We hope everyone had an amazing time celebrating Easter with their loved ones. To contribute to this, we want to offer free shipping for one week (till 8th of April) with this code: EASTEREGG

Shop link:

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Keep secrets!!!

It's friday and Daggers For Teeth makes this one really special by releasing a 'melted' version of his secrets design and two crispy new patches. Be fast, because they'll probably be sold out before you can say 'blueberry pie'...okay, maybe not that fast! Rumours say they'll go live at around 2pm (UK time)

Shop Link:

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Back in the real world

First of all sorry for the massive delay, it took me a while to sort stuff and life out after being away for more than a month. When returning back home after such a long time the daily grind hits like a rock. I just needed some space, which is the reason why it took me so long for this blog post.

I'm not sure where to start, being on tour was a great experience, it was a welcome change to my, compared to touring, boring uni life. 22 Cities in 22 days. This not only means you see a lot but it also means a lot of fun, driving and lack of your normal hygiene standards - since 22 days on tour doesn't necessarily mean 22 days of having a shower available.

A normal tour day consisted of waking up (whenever), driving, driving, probably more driving, stopping somewhere in some country at a roadhouse to have a wee, arriving at the venue, eating, loading in, delivering riffs to people (or in my case selling merch), loading out, partying / drinking / hanging out and going to sleep. Whenever I had some time on my hands and the venue wasn't too far away from the city center I tried to see as much as possible, but due a tight schedule it wasn't always possible to be a tourist.

The tour also gave me a good insight of what other people do with their lives: starting from being in a graffiti crew, working as a background actor in movies, tv shows and music videos up to working as a bartender while playing in a variety of bands at the same time. I met many interesting people and characters on tour and I'm really thankful for this great experience.

Big thanks goes to Mat, Dex, Nathan, Sam, and Razor of Demoraliser. Without them giving me the opportunity to do their merch the whole tour thing wouldn't have been possible. I also thank Thicks As Blood and Betrayal AND Doris for bringing by some delicious vegan gin & tonic cupcakes.

I also took some disposable cameras with me to catch some of the best moments on photo, so don't miss out on the pictures below!

Check Demoraliser's new video for more tour footage:

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Bat Sabbath x Craig Robson

Cancer Bats are returning to Liverpool, and they'll play their Sabbath cover set as Bat our good friend Craig Robson grabbed his pen and used his wizard power on paper, the result? THIS POSTER! He'll have screen printed gig posters available on the night, signed by the band. If we're lucky *fingers croosed* there will be some remainder which he'll put online in his store but in the meantime LIKE HIS page Daggers For Teeth to stay up to date!

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Secrets told - Secrets sold

Our good friend Craig Robson had the honour to be the first artist to release something through Warpaint Press. Only 2 days left to pick one of these beaties up, the metallic silver variant is limited to 50 pcs, so hurry up! If you got some bunce to burn then dont sleep on this masterpiece!


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HOW TO: use your Ouija Board

You still don't know how to use our Ouija Board? Okay then, here's a quick How-To-Instruction.

1. Buy the bsclly. Ouija Board. People might tell you it's a waste of money, but just have some fucking faith, it isn't!

2. Invite some friends over. Get in the mood with some dimmed lights, chocolate perfumed candles and a good bottle of german red wine.

3. Sit facing each other, knees touching if possible. Open your minds, not them legs.

4. Name one person as the medium who asks the questions. Forbidden topics: death, devils and Justin Bieber.

5. Place your friends' and your own index and middle fingers on the planchette firmly and focus on it like vultures.

6. Have the medium ask questions and UNKNOWINGLY move the planchette in a way that leads to the answers you want to hear (but do not be disappointed if Rita Ora does not love you the way you dreamed of).


8. Always, always close your sessions by moving the planchette to 'goodbye' or otherwise monsters will be able to use the portal you created to scare little children by knocking on the bottom side of their beds. That is a criminal act and you might go to jail for it.

WARNING: Figure 8 movements indicate you are dealing with the devil or a demon. Should you experience this sign, immediately shift to 'goodbye' flip the board over like a maniac and run around your house six times. Screaming.


Good Luck then!

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Happy Release-Day!

Here we are again. Ready to present to you our treasure: our third ever Spring Collection 2013.
We have never been more proud of what we created but at the same time so unsure of everyone’s response. So we do hope you’re as positive about this as we are. Happy Release-Day!

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Let the Ouija see the Board

We are glad to finally announce and reveal more information and pictures about our first "limited edition" item. Our good friend and illustrator Craig Robson designed this amazing masterpiece, the Ouija Board itself is made in Germany.

What the hell is a Ouija Board and why on earth would we sell one? This is a good question. Craig and Sebastian share many interests, but spiritual beliefs and their outliving is not one of them. Still, they imagined not only wearing witchboards on their chests but also being able to show off and most of all offer you some nice wooden treasures. Do we even need to begin with what you can use them for? Decoration, dice games, decision-making.. In short, this board is an allrounder and you should get it.
9 of these can be purchased via this friday 6pm CET while a similar amount will be available via On sale for 45 EUR / 40 £ each.

Don't sleep on these. Once they're gone, they're gone forever!

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