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Making Of - Spring Collection 2013

Our good friend Matt of RISEABOVE followed us around during our latest photoshoot for the new collection. See some impressions in this amazing Making-Of-Video he did:


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the time is right and we are ready

Winter has finally come to Germany. We're sitting here all cuddled up in blankets with a hot cup of tea to our sides, but we have two announcements to heat up your cold Sunday as well.

FIRST – the new collection will drop on Friday, February 15th online at Although a lot of work still needs to be done, all preparations are proceeding according to plan, and we will be ready to share the results with you very soon.

SECOND – we are going to be at Stijl Mainz this next weekend – January 26th and 27th – to exclusively launch the new collection. To the ones who can't wait until February, we will be more than happy to see you there! Stijl always brings together some amazingly talented people, their great work and lots of inspiration, so it is definitely worth a visit.


No matter what, we can't wait for you to see what we've been working on these last few months, and we're more than excited for everything that's coming these next few weeks as well.

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So there's probably not one of you who doesn't know this saying. We do realize what comes to our minds first is probably images of alcohol and drug abuse, some groupie fangirls and men slapping each other on the backs for ignoring their girlfriend's calls. Oh and of course that movie Hangover. Anyways, what if you have the opportunity to go away for a while, have some great people around you and just be able to do things you might not get to do at home sweet home? Well, the answer is easy: Take it. No one will take experience or memories away from you. They will stay on the road you've travelled, they will remain in the places you've seen and they will be yours to keep.

What's that all about? Well first of all, I'm going on tour in February. I will do merch for Demoraliser on their tour with Betrayal and Thick As Blood, I will travel all around Europe and I will turn my experiences into everlasting memories. Second, this is exactly what our new stickers are about. 'What Happens On Tour Stays On Tour' is not about alcohol, girls and black-outs. It's about packing that car with some shirts and your people, getting out of here and having a fucking amazing time.

I am going to take bsclly. and all our fans with me, keep you updated via this blog and come home with some more stories to tell as a grandpa.

- Sebastian

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Life moves fast.

Life's not about getting stuff done as soon as possible, or doing everything as fast as you can. Time is a treasure these days, and appreciating each moment is what most people seem to forget about. Imagine rushing through high school, college and university: you got your degree one year before everyone else, well that's great, because now you have to start working until the rest of your whole life, imagine that? Was it worth to rush through everything?

I think it's important to focus on a goal without losing sight of everything else. You should have fun while you can, try and do as much as possible for your own good. It doesn't matter if you experience bad things, you'll learn from them. And don't ever let yourself get pushed by your family, teachers or other people who think they have a right to tell you anything.

Sometimes you should just sit back and think about what it is you really want, what would make you happy or what would fullfill your life. I bet it's not rushing through your degree and kiss ass whenever you can.

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Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

Since it is already 2013 in Australia, almost New Years in Germany and time to celebrate in the U.S. not far gone from now, we wanted to look back on Bsclly.'s 2012 once more.
After a first successful collection in Summer 2011, we couldn't wait to throw ourselves into work again and create another line. Before releasing it, we were more than excited to attend Stijl Mainz for the first time in early 2012. The experience of meeting amazingly talented people and welcoming so many fans to our little booth was just overwhelming. That is probably why we went to the first Stijl Summer Edition in June as well. We did photoshoots in the blistering cold with amazing friends, had printed lookbooks designed, went on various personal road trips, let our surroundings work its magic and all together form new ideas. Late 2012 was all about working on the new collection coming out in February 2013, but we are now happy to say that the printing order has been placed and we couldn't end this year today more excited.

The new collection is going to be special, and that is exactly what we're hoping for 2013 too. Let's not say it will sure be the best year so far, but we're working hard on it to be one of improvements, surprises and great memories. In the name of Bsclly. we're wishing all of our fans, their families and friends an amazing start into 2013. We'll see you there!

P.S. All of you should start 2013 off with an empty jar and fill it with notes of good things that happen. On New Years Eve, empty it and see what amazing stuff happened that year. That's what we're gonna do for sure.


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You can't overdose on music

No matter the ups and downs 2012 might have put us through and how trivial this might sound: music is what keeps us going. The following records have all been released during the last twelve months and managed to crawl into both our minds and hearts.


Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind
I was lucky enough to see Converge two days before x-mas live this year. I was blown away by the energy they bring on stage, from the very first second they give 110%. Seeing them live is more than just a concert, it's an experience nobody should miss out on. Their eighth studio LP "All We Love We Leave Behind" definitely "stands toe-to-toe with the best of the band's canon", since it's an 38 minute-masterpiece which perfectly captures the way the band performs live.

Dikembe - Broad Shoulders
I can't remember how I came across those guys from Gainsville - I guess I found them while lurking on Spotify - but right from the start I fell in love with the band’s first full length record Broad Shoulders. "Broad Shoulders is a short, fast, angry album that understands if we ever sit and think too long about all of the shit in our lives, then our lives simply become that shit." It's exactly what I need on a rainy day where I'm supposed to get stuff done but don't feel like doing anything and instead hang around in bed all day.

Videosforpictures - Joy Farm
"Nine songs about death and injury, recorded between march and august 2012. In a basement in New Hampshire, in a bedroom in Virginia." This is how Videosforpictures themselves describe their record Joy Farm. I like to be off of the mainstream road and I think this might be exactly the treasure I was looking for. If you want to try something new and are sick of all the buzz and bored of all those big lamestreaming singer-songwriters; check out Videosforpictures.


Parkway Drive - Atlas
As all of you probably already know, there's just no band like Parkway Drive. After releasing their Home Is For The Heartless DVD, expectations on the new record were nothing but high. To me, Atlas is like getting to see the world in the most honest and direct way there is. No rose-coloured glasses, no blind spots. This album just gets better and better.

The Weeknd - Trilogy
Thanks to Tumblr, I discovered Wicked Games and The Weeknd in early 2012 and fell in love with his music almost instantly. With Trilogy coming out in November, including already released mixtapes as well as new songs, this record has been on repeat for weeks. Yes my dear friends, when it comes to The Weeknd and his ability to create an atmosphere of indulgence and morning-afters, I am definitely back into liking R'n'B. Plans for 2013? See this man live.

The XX - Coexist
The XX's return to the studio must have made many people very happy. After seeing them live in early december, this band and their outstanding music gets me even more. Someone once reviewed the two records in the most perfect way: "XX was like the first date. It ends with a kiss. Coexist is the month or so after when you spend in limbo between a couple and fuckbuddies."

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Pre-Christmas Announcement

To the ones who had our backs from the beginning, to the ones who are new to bsclly, and especially to all of you who have been sitting in patience: the wait is finally over.

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be dropping our new collection in mid February 2013. We know it’s been a while, but studies and private life had a hold on us and made it hard to evolve the way we wanted to. We wanted to be able to absolutely focus on bsclly. and not just rush into mediocrity. So we have been working on this collection for some time now and are more than happy with the outcome, and we seriously can’t wait to share it with you.

News about the exact release date and collection itself will be coming soon, so you should check our Facebook for Post-Christmas announcements as well. One more time though – so excited!

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Vegan X-Mas cookies by Raw Diamond

We just received some delicious vegan x-mas cookies from You probably think now: "OMG they look amazing, what a bummer I dont have the recipe!" well, it's your lucky day! You can find all recipes on her blog

*nom nom nom nom*

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Goodies for everyone who has been waiting on news about a new collection: Craig Robson just published this amazing sketch via Instagram, and guess what - this will be part of the next drop. Get ready for some ghostwhispering, ladies and gents.

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For me, one of the toughest days of the week is definitely Thursday, I mean we can all agree that Mondays suck as well, but with the memories of an hopefully ace weekend you somehow get through it. PLUS when you're back at work, uni or school you can share your hilarious weekend stories with your work mates and school/uni friends. In case you spent the weekend playing World of Warcraft, eating fast food and helping your mum to bath the dog, just watch a movie and pretend the action of that was your weekend in front of your friends.
Note: not all movies are suitable for that! For example don't try to sell your friends you were involved in an epic battle against orcs on middle earth.

Anyway... somehow we all make it through Tuesday and Wednesday, I don't know how though, maybe time passes faster? Whatever...

But then it comes... Thursday! Surveys have shown that bed gravity is the strongest on Thursdays (We totally made this fact up), so it's not only you who can't get his ass out of bed, it's everybody. The reason for that? Thursdays just suck: the weather is shittier, you look uglier and fatter, you get more yelled at, the smelliest people stand next to you in public transport or sit next to you in class. No fucks given on Friday because just like Rebecca Black taught us “we gotta get down on friday and everybody is looking forward to the weekend”.

So apparently it's just Thursdays who suck more than any other day of the week. It's probably because you're close to the weekend but not close enough. It's like settling down with the uglier twin of your crush, going to the movies to watch a kids movie with your little sister when you could watch the new “epic-battle-of-the-world-humanity-is-going-down-but-everything-is-fine-in-the-end-and-you-might-see-some-boobies-of-a-hot-actress”- movie or eating a salad in a restaurant that serves big ass meaty burgers because you're with a vegetarian and you dont want to upset him with mince meat drippin' out of your mouth. But keep remembering: on Thursdays we all have to settle down for the ugly twin, the kids movie or the salad.

So since Thursdays suck for me too, I found a way to make them less hateful. The key of doing so is simply the need of something to look forward to:

Instead of spending complete nights watching episodes of your favorites series, choose a series you'll only watch on Thursdays or find something on telly that airs on Thursdays. I've chosen Celebrity Juice with the bang tidy Keith Lemon. Of course I still wake up with “fuck, it's Thursday” but it's followed by “but tonight it's time for Celebrity Juice!”

Get something good to eat! No, I'm not speaking of the healty food your mum makes or the noodles with tomato sauce you try to do with your non-existent cooking skills. Order Pizza and dont regret a single bite. If you order pizza you can just throw away the box, you don't even have to do the washing then.

Ask your dad if you can have the car (congratulations if it's a ferrari, but it's probably not) instead of taking the bus or train. If your dad is not up with the idea, try to convince him with something like “it's take-your-car-with-you-to-school-day” or just fall on your knees, start crying and beg your dad that you can take the car.

In case you were successful with number 3, then put on your favorite band/album in the car and blast it on full volume

If you have an annoying lecture or a meeting where your boss is attending on Thursdays and it totally sucks because everbody gets yelled at or it's boring as fuck, just think about that you are the one who has to sit this out once a week. Your professor or boss is the stupid, boring, choleric idiot till the end of his life. Always remember, smile, nod and think of unicorns galloping on rainbows.

Keep in mind: Britney made it through 2007, so you can make it through this day

Try it! And if everything fails you can always pretend you're ill and just stay in bed.

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