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Since we wanted you to know more about our private passions affecting our work, this post is dedicated to one of our greatest influences: australian metal/hardcore band Parkway Drive. Our friends already know about the love for these five guys and their music: Since the band's early beginnings, we've been great fans and followers of their journey. Seeing this band create an indescribable atmosphere wherever they perform live is a feeling we don't ever want to miss. Whether they're making us dance in times of joy or helping us stand our ground when life gets tough, they've always been a great influence on our private and bsclly. life.

So in case you didn't know, Parkway Drive's new album 'Atlas' is coming into Europe's stores this Monday. And although opinions about the record and the band's development may differ, they're still one of our favorite bands of all times and deserve their worldwide success. If you like us, you'll like Parkway Drive, because 'when it all comes crashing, know you’re not alone'.

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The faces behind bsclly.

Dear Fans, for those who haven't met us in person already, we feel like it is time you should know who the people behind bsclly. are. So let's do some small introduction:


Founder, CEO, Chief – call it however you want. Sebastian is the brain of the brand, he’s the one who had the idea of a new, unconventional label with outstanding products. His love for music and Great Britain had gotten him some very helpful connections in designers such as Craig Robson. From the very beginning on, Sebastian believed in bsclly, and he’s the one keeping it alive and moving forward. Finding the right designers, keeping an eye on our stock and placing printing orders are totally his tasks. Sebastian has a dream of what bsclly will be in the future, and he’s definitely fighting for it to become real.


PR-Manager and girl for the soft skills: Janine is responsible for composing heart-rending mails to fashionblogs and wrapping even the most clinical news into textual masterpieces. Alright, enough of the emotional words. Janine started to support Sebastian last summer, right before the first collection was released. Since then, she is trying to help whenever and wherever it is possible, but mostly in fields of marketing and PR. When it comes to new designs, she’s the one to put a stop to ideas within seconds. No reasons, no explanations, just decisions by heart. We don’t know if this is a good thing, but she takes bsclly and its development to heart just as much as Sebastian, which is the most important thing.

Furthermore, we decided to share some of our private thoughts and likes with you. Who knows, seeing what inspires us might make you like us even more! Anyways, we are going to use not only Facebook to do so, but also the official bsclly tumblr, instagram as well as both our twitter accounts ( Sebastian / Janine). We're hoping to be able to discuss some interesting topics with you. Follow our social-networking and we'll make your day, promise!

Twitter Sebastian:
Twitter Janine:

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Greetings from Liverpool!

Hi there from Liverpool!
we are currently finalizing the ideas we have discussed over the last few weeks, and it won't be long now until we can present to you some brand new bsclly garments. We can reveal that the first artist joining us on the new release is Craig Robson, so we hope you are as excited as we are! Another hint: this new collection will slip slightly onto the dark side, but don't you worry, bsclly is still going to be bsclly after all. Until then, make sure to check out our online shop and pick up some of the recent stuff too.

See you back in Germany soon!

By the way, the photo shows me in front of an original artwork by british street artist Banksy!

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I'm a business punk

This just in: I am not only featured in the new magazine Business Punk, but also among the TOP 50 upcoming creative people in Germany! How did this happen? Well, all I know is that we launched the first collection of bsclly about one year ago, and another one this spring, and all these crazy people started to like this brand, and then out of nowhere I received a request from the magazine's editors, telling me I was in their top selection of the most creative german minds. This is the story, and I have to thank every single person who's reading this for making it happen. We are so happy to be able to share this success with you, and we promise to keep on being creative minds..

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So here's the news: I am going to be in my most favorite country England again soon! In late september, I will visit my good friends Craig Robson and Peter Mason, so hopefully I will be back home with lots and lots of new ideas for bsclly. Since Janine ist taking care of the shop and shipping of all orders, I guess we all agree on making this as comfortable for her as possible. We thought about putting some of the leftover shirts up for sale before I leave, how does that sound? Additionally, we are offering free shipping from this very moment until Sept 2nd, so grab whatever is left as fast as you can. I will keep you updated about my trip on this blog while I'm gone too, so do not miss it! .


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What were you worried about?

We recently read an interview with Terence Winter, writer and producer of the series Boardwalk Empire as well as The Sopranos, in the newest Vice Magazine issue. Being asked about his courage to produce an expensive and controversial series like Boardwalk, he states his father’s death when he was only 7 years old as a great impact on his way to overcome fear. Since he always loved playing with little toy soldiers, Terence Winter started to carry around a little green sniper in his pocket, transfering all his anxietes onto the toy.

We immediately loved the idea Terence Winter used unknowingly in his early childhood. It is important to overcome your fears and whatever stands in your way. If you want something changed, then take the initiative and do it. There is no point in hesitating to take a risk, since there is always the possibility of being successful. It doesn’t matter if you transfer your anxietes onto a toy soldier or simply a piece of paper. Whether you minimize it and still carry it around in your pocket or crumple the fear and throw it away: just don’t hold onto it. Take a risk and watch out for the doors that might just then open up for you.

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Do More Than Exist

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New patches by Craig Robson

Since we are busy working on branding and lookbook issues and therefore are not able to present you guys anything "new" these days, we want to call your attention to our good friend and illustrator Craig Robson: he is going to release these new patches very soon, like you can see - they're great as always! You should definitely check out his web store tomorrow and get some of these ones fast, since the last patches were sold out after only two hours. Oh and, not being able to sew doesn't count - you can let your mom do that for you.

Shop link:

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Since you may wonder why we haven’t been giving you any updates via our blog lately, here’s the answer: we are trying to strengthen our branding, namely working on new hem tags for our clothing as well as brand new label tags. Our good friend Peter came up with this idea a while ago, and he even did some prototypes, which we are now finalizing. Another project we want to realize pretty soon is to print Lookbooks of the Spring Collection. Sending them out to shops all over Germany will be our next step, and hopefully our customers may be able to walk in various stores to get bsclly stuff very soon! In the meantime, you should check our webshop and get your new favorite garment while it’s still available.

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As most of you have seen, bsclly. had a sales booth at the Stijl in Mainz last weekend. Since the last Stijl was only in February, we did not only take the new collection with us to present and sell, but also two new shirt / tank designs and three new tote bags. We’re happy to say that we recognized some of our customers from the last exhibition – seems like we’re still doing a pretty good job. One of our new designs even made it to the second issue of the amazing Stijl Magazine and is now completely sold out. Besides selling our new collection, we got the chance to talk to some old and new friends from Superhorstjansen, Shirthunters and Home is where your Heart is. We’re looking forward to staying in contact and meeting again next year at the Stijl Winter 2013!

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by and liked our work, and of course to the whole Stijl Team for making this exhibition an amazing opportunity every single time.

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