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My name Mac Miller – who the fuck are you?

Since good music means a lot to us and therefore influences our work with bsclly, the female part of our label, namely me, Janine, spontaneously packed some clothes and a friend into her car last thursday and headed to: right, Paris. Ten hours of driving, a whole lot of street charges to pay and too many frightening roundabouts only for this one night with Mac Miller. The American rapper, who’s even younger than us, drew our interest about two years ago already. Seeing him live on stage was like a dream coming true, and I have never seen someone partying with the crowd like it is his last time, only to give them the creeps with deep songs such as ‘Clarity’ moments later. After all, I set eye on the Eiffeltower for two seconds, but those 22 hours in Paris and the show of this amazing talent were definitely worth the trip. See you soon Mac – hopefully!

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Craig at Screenadelica

Our good friend Craig Robson recently visited the Screenadelica, a gig poster exhibition in Liverpool, to show and sell some of his self-designed prints. Not only including our Dreamcatcher illustration, but also a limited poster for the Alkaline Trio Show in Liverpool, he was sharing his passion for music as well as design and art in general with others. As Craig is one of the most life-loving people we know, one can imagine he did not only present his work in a very professional way but also managed to combine it with having a few drinks and a great time with friends, visitors and other artists. Because of him being a good friend as well as a great designer, you should definitely stop by his webshop daggersforteeth and pick some prints up!

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Our Weekend

Last weekend, bsclly appeared in a different formation than usually: Benni, one of our photoshoot models, and me – Sebastian – took some time to expand bsclly’s reach and to get together with some very good friends.

FRIDAY – REACHING OUT FOR THE GERMAN RAP SCENE Some time ago, we stumpled upon german rapper SAM and his mixtape on the internet. We were absolutely amazed right from the beginning, especially by his song “Irgendwann”, which absolutely fits our own and bsclly’s dream. Without hesitating, we contacted SAM and asked him if he would like to cooperate with bsclly, therefore supporting each other’s art. Since he instantly answered us back, being very impressed by our brand and wishing to cooperate, we decided to pay him a visit at one of his shows last Friday to hand over his new bsclly clothing personally. Not only the show itself was great, we also had the opportunity to talk to SAM for quite a while. All we can say is: this guy may not only be one of the nicest artists we’ve ever met, but he will definitely be heard of.

SATURDAY – TRUE FRIENDS, GOOD MUSIC AND SPECIAL FOOD As the second highlight of the weekend, Benni and I have been invited to Doris of Raw Diamond for dinner. Her and Nanouk, our good friends of Avocado Booking, as well as Benni, have been supporting bsclly and our dreams since day one. We really do appreciate all of their help and advice concerning our business. Still, this time we were surprised with a very special meal out of Doris’ newest project: LaminEATs.As the girlfriend of a booking agent for hardcore / metal tours, she enjoys cooking for the bands on tours and several shows and is even well-known for her delicious vegetarian and vegan food. She finally decided to give others the opportunity to follow her self-created recipes by printing them on laminates, based on the shape and design of tour passes. After finishing the most amazing dinner ever, we even got an exclusive insight on the Raw Diamond website, which is soon to be launched. Talking to Nanouk about upcoming tours of Avocado Booking made the night even more perfect. And before anyone is asking: Doris’ food really IS worth being tagged with #foodporn on instagram. If you prefer vegetarian creations by heart over fast food, you have to check out her LaminEATs as soon as possible!

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It's not only us who have been waiting for this recent release but also our good friend and amazing designer Craig - he had to sit tight until he can now finally put his dreamcatcher prints on the market. You should definitely check out his work and get one of those strictly limited to 50, individually stamped, signed and numbered prints.

Available at:

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Support your local heroes!

Since we have just released the new collection, we wanted to thank not only all of our customers who already dropped something in their bsclly. shopping bag, but also all of our local supporters. From the very first moment bsclly. started out in 2010, good friends have helped us spreading the word. It is very important for us to have someone backing us up, and we’re happy to help them in return whenever we can. No matter where bsclly. will end up in some time, we are going to always staying in contact with the ones that have always supported us, and therefore we wanted to introduce our most important local heroes.

“When starting a band at young age, you usually don't waste a thought on where this will possibly lead you.”

We have known the guys of THD since their formation in 2007, and since we already backed them up in times of Party Smartie Clothing, we were happy to continue supporting them with bsclly. as well. Starting out as a small local hardcore band, they have now, under record label Let it Burn Records, released their full-length debut and already toured Europe. Watch out for these guys, since they won’t stop reaching out for you and the rest of the world

“Hailing from the South of Germany, Elude The End started out as a group of five fourteen year old teenagers having fun in writing and playing their favorite music in late 2007.”

As well as THD, we have been in contact with hardcore band Elude the End from their very beginning. They have now released a new digital EP in 2012, and we are sure of hearing even more from them as time will continue. Check them out!

Beginning as a local underground dj formation in Karlsruhe in 2008, the guys from KKK have become very popular for their electronic event series. Their musical concept, combined with exceptional visuals, has even lead them to the DJ stage of well-known Karlsruher festival Das Fest. Ever since, these guys have participated in reforming the Karlsruher nightlife and its people.

Dr Kackfisch, aka Sevan, is a good friend of ours from times of Still in Mind Booking. After organizing mostly hardcore music events, this one turned into a whole other direction: trash pop parties. Mixing the worst and best hits from the 80s, 90s and today’s charts doesn’t sound so good? You should definitely check out one of these events, since the audience is always totally losing it – totally. Starting out only in Karlsruhe, Dr. Kackfisch’s trash pop parties are now beginning to spread a wider area, maybe even yours, so keep your eyes open for 100% trash, 100% fun and 100% escalation.

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Spring Collection 2012

We finally made it: the new collection is now available on We’re very excited about the next few days and weeks, since we put a lot of work into the new launch. We tried to reach as many people as possible with varying designs and its individual statements. Hopefully, all of our customers, namely you, are going to give us as much support as you did with the first collection, so that bsclly. can keep on spreading the world!

Get your new shirt, tank, sweater or tote bag right now and receive some free stickers and sweets as well – and don’t forget to tell everyone!

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Images and sweets

Back from my (Sebastian) short trip to England, I can say I’m happy I could meet up with Craig, creator of our dreamcatcher, and Peter, who’s responsible for all of our corporate design before the release this week. Additionally to having a few days off of university and everyday life, I could also get some good friends’ advices on bsclly. and its future way. Other than that, I also made sure our customers would benefit from my trip as well: I brought a hell lot of sweets with me from the UK, and the next 50 customers will all receive a little something with their order. Nice of us? Very nice..

Anyways, we’re glad you guys seem to like the exclusive preview of the Spring collection coming in less than five days! Our friend Matt from Riseabove as well as Clemens Siebler and Benjamin Bartosch really did a pretty good job finishing that video. Let’s just hope you’ll like the new range just as much, but we’re sure you’ll even love it! 5th of May, stay tuned!

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Getting closer

There it is: photos for the new collection are done. Even though we had shit weather and had to move to another location than planned, I think we can be pretty satisified with the results of more than three hours of work. After the shop photos were taken, we headed for another empty warehouse for the lookbook shots. Even though it was freezing, all of our models and the photographer did an amazing job, even out in the rain. We wanted all shirts, tanks and sweaters as well as tote bags to be presented some way in the lookbook, so we could call the end of the shooting at about 8.30 in the evening. Before going off for a hot bath, we thanked everyone involved with free shirts and a movie theater voucher for their time and effort. We have already seen some of the end results, and we can’t wait to show them to all of you!

Many thanks, again, going out to Melissa, Jana, Sascha and Benni for modeling in the blistering cold, Manuel for taking great photos, and Matthias for taking some behindthescenes-shots – which everyone of you should be very excited about!

We are near to the release of the new collection now, and taking the photos was a big step towards it. Check our Facebook for the release date – it’s going to be announced soon!

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I got my own stickers now so literally I’m everywhere

Our new stickers have finally arrived! Since we gave you the chance of mailing us your address so that we can send you some of them, let’s just hope you did so. If not, well that’s too bad for you. To everyone else who will soon hold these bad boys in their hands: tag everything and everywhere and don’t forget to take a photo as well! We’re excited for them to appear on our facebook wall, so that we can see where bsclly. has landed, and even more important – on what it has landed. Whether it is the streets in daylight or night time, house walls, cars or your dog – get these stickers to spread the world! Just to remind you: whenever someone sees one of them and gets the message bsclly. wants to deliver, we have reached our goal. Be a part of it, and enjoy your nights!

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Congrats to Peter Mason -

- for his recent feature in the online magazine Business Boom Bolton! These guys seem to be pretty impressed by his work as a graphic designer, and so are we. Since he primarily created our corporate design and has done an amazing job so far, we are looking forward to working together with him in the future. Just now he also drafted the new sticker design which should be getting here soon. If you’re looking for great graphic work, you should most definitely get in touch with Peter. We did, and we couldn’t have done better. Thanks man!

Link to the article: Showcase of Graphic Designer Peter Mason

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