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A new era begins

Dear readers. Since bsclly. is not only a brand with some great shirts but real human beings working hard for their dream, we decided to make more out of this blog and change it to some kind of a diary. It will consist of random thoughts, private and business experiences that have influence on our work, and of course regular updates on bsclly. and where we're heading. Why are we doing this? That's easy. First of all, we want to shorten the time between now and the release of our newest collection. But the main point is that we have so much more to say than a two-row facebook status update or a 140-character tweet. We want to document our own and bsclly's way from now on in a much more frankly way so that everyone can understand why we're doing the things we do. Does this sound lame? Possibly. But this is our dream, and we're trying to find a new way to share it with you. Hopefully this one will work out.

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