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There it is: photos for the new collection are done. Even though we had shit weather and had to move to another location than planned, I think we can be pretty satisified with the results of more than three hours of work. After the shop photos were taken, we headed for another empty warehouse for the lookbook shots. Even though it was freezing, all of our models and the photographer did an amazing job, even out in the rain. We wanted all shirts, tanks and sweaters as well as tote bags to be presented some way in the lookbook, so we could call the end of the shooting at about 8.30 in the evening. Before going off for a hot bath, we thanked everyone involved with free shirts and a movie theater voucher for their time and effort. We have already seen some of the end results, and we can’t wait to show them to all of you!

Many thanks, again, going out to Melissa, Jana, Sascha and Benni for modeling in the blistering cold, Manuel for taking great photos, and Matthias for taking some behindthescenes-shots – which everyone of you should be very excited about!

We are near to the release of the new collection now, and taking the photos was a big step towards it. Check our Facebook for the release date – it’s going to be announced soon!