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Last saturday Benny (Lieblingsempire) and I were invited by Raw Diamond's founder Doris for dinner. She welcomed us with self made ice tea and a little indroduction into the menu.

After a little chit chat in her kitchen which included some pre-tasting of the dessert (more details later) we sat down, excited for the first course of three.

The starter consisted of an eggplant tartlet with cashew creme and a tomato sorbet.

The main dish were selfmade ravioli with almond-spinach-thyme filling in a tomato sage sauce.

Now we're coming to everybodys favorite dish, the dessert. Doris, also known as the biggest avocado lover ever, turned the green fruit into ice cream (LINK for the Avocado Ice Cream recipe by Raw Diamond). It came along with strawberries topped with selfmade cream and a small bowl filled with basil-cocnut-white chocolate ice cream.

Later on we messed a bit around and tried to create a vine video of "How to make espresso with Schwarzmahler Kaffee"

After all, our expectations were exceeded, just like every time we're having a dinner-get-together.