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During the flight I sat next to some "german-wannabe-posh-we're-better-than-everyone"-skanks - well, alright that sounds really mean. Anyways, I didn't even get a hello, which I simply can't understand. Even if you don't know someone, share no interests and might never see each other again - the least you can do is simply be nice. As we do share interests with our customers - namely the love for being special - we are always trying to build and strengthen our relationships with them. And what if we don't know you? What if you're not a customer already but only have a question and may never talk to us again? Then we'll try our best to fulfill your needs anyway. It is our job to care for everyone that is crossing bsclly's path, even if it's only for a few minutes.

Coming back to my flight to the UK, I was served the best food ever on a plane flight: a lil hot burrito filled with vegetables and feta, not more not less - but for a big fan of mexican food it was heaven on earth.

I'm not really that kind of person who can fall asleep during a flight - especially not if it only takes 1 1/2h.

So i spent my time watching out of the window - yup I had a window seat. Taking off scares me a bit and i guess my facial expression is horrible during that time. Therefore I really enjoy the landing phase, it changes me back into a little kid again: nose pressed against the window and everything outside makes my eyes glance. Hopefully, this trip will bring more of these moments that may even form new ideas for bsclly. We'll see, we'll see!
- Sebastian