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Have you ever been woken up by that urging need of doing something? I have. Since I am a great fan of sneakers, especially limited ones, my friend Sam and me had to get up really early today, just to not miss the release of the new Jordan IV Cement. Having some amazing shoes that not many people can say they hold is definitely worth not having a 10-hour-sleep.

Bsclly too is trying to communicate this feeling of being someone special with the help of awesome designs, free give-aways and interaction through contests from time to time. Still, seems like this does not satisfy us: we thought about releasing something limited as well, and we might have already found our design for it, so you can be excited about that!

Anyways, our whole little morning tour (including the beautiful city of Beverly) was supported by my friend Sam's Honda, which in general is not that exciting - except he sometimes mixes up a racing track with a public street. In some strange way, I was scared as hell and feeling totally safe at the same time, which made it definitely worth the (near-death) experience. I guess, these moments make life excited, don't they?