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threethousandthreehundredandfifty kilometers later…

… I am finally back home. These ten days really have been an unbelievable experience. I never would have thought that throwing some bands, driver and photographer together in one tour would end up in becoming 20 friends, but I guess that’s what happens when spending so much time in the most confined space. Highlights of this tour were definitely Vienna, Berlin and Bruges, as these cities were the only ones where some sightseeing was possible. But even though it took us one third of each day to get to the next stop and the autobahn seemed to be our new home, every minute spent on the van was worth the adventure. So, thanks again for my first european tour as bad ass merch-guy and driver to: Azriel, The Haverbrook Disaster, Demoraliser, Dave, Razor, Jawn and Matt.

Anyways, I am finally back home now, dedicating myself to the important things in life again – rather than playing the taxi driver for some dorky band freaks. What does this mean? The new collection is being printed at this very moment, stickers are ordered and new ideas spread our minds 24/7 anyways. Oh and Stunnah – we haven’t forgotten you.

Stay tuned!

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Another day, another city

After just coming back from England, our friends from The Haverbrook Disaster surprisingly asked me (Sebastian) to take care of their merchandise during their European Tour. Even though I seem to never be home anymore, we have been supporting each other already in times of Party Smartie Clothing until now with bsclly. as well, so I gladly agreed to join them.

I am not only thankful for the opportunity they are offering me, but also happy to see their rising success, since I’ve known them from when they started out as one of many local hardcore bands. As we want to continue to connect bsclly. with our love for good music in the future, we are looking forward to support not only local artists. Getting to know the band and tour life better therefore seems like a great opportunity for us and bsclly.

I am really thrilled about the tour start this Saturday, of course all orders will be sent out while I am on the road. For everyone who wants to spend some time on a good show, these are the tour dates:

The Haverbrook Disaster


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bsclly is Stunn(ah)ed!

Stunnah? Don't know this guy? Well, that's what we thought when he contacted us some while ago.

Liking our concept and clothing, bsclly. attracted his attention and in the end we have been supporting each other since then. Not only „friendship-discounts“ and supporting one other with propaganda, but also getting along personally as well seem to have lead to this: a video, where one of our shirts can be seen!

Some of you might think: So what? This guy is neither Frank Sinatra nor Winston McCall, so who cares? Well, we do. This is the first time bsclly. officially appears in a music video, and even though we already made these experiences with the old label Party Smartie Clothing, it is still an amazing feeling: seeing your own clothing that you made up in your mind, had all over your room and packed yourself to send it to some place in this world. Realizing which way it has travelled and the people it has reached is a priceless feeling and motivation to go on with our work.

So no, this guy is not Frank Sinatra or Winston McCall, but I guess you should give him a listen anyway!

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Last days in England

After some mind-freeing days with good friends, my England-trip is soon to be over. To be honest, the first impulse for me coming over right now was a show of The Chariot and Norma Jean. It reminded me of the last time that I visited, and so we thought about why not repeat this? And because I wanted to spend some more time overseas than before, we made an 18-day-trip out of visiting one small concert.

Even though I’m kind of sad to head back to Germany soon, I’m still excited to continue work with bsclly and implement all the new ideas I have in mind. Speaking of that, my good friend Craig was really happy about the design prints we ordered for him, and we even worked out some great ideas for a new, top secret collab. As an ending of this amazing time that brought many new impressions for private and work life, this show is going to be the most perfect for all of us. By this trip coming to an end, I guess I want to send some Thank-You’s to: Craig, Lauren, Dale, Anna, Dale&Craig's Parents, Matt, Matt's Parents, Sam, Tom, Sam&Tom's Parents & Nanouk Additionally, I want to send some special thanks to Janine for taking care of shipping all the incoming bsclly orders while I was away.

See you tomorrow in Sheffield!!!

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Daggers For Teeth

Finally, I get to meet up with my good friend Craig Robson ( You don't know him? Impossible! We recently worked with him concerning one of our new designs (which is awesome!) and are so thankful for every kind of help we got from him from the beginning. Whenever we can, we try to work with designers and people that we already know personally. It is much easier to exchange your ideas and form a great concept with someone who's honest with you and interested in making the very best out of your brand too. If there's only an email address, not knowing who is hiding behind it, it is a lot more difficult to transfer your thoughts the way you want to.
Anyways, since Craig offered us to work on a "mate's rate" basis, we ordered some prints of the design he made for us. Since he often sells some of his own work as prints, we gave them to him as a present – thank you very much, again, Craig! I really loved working together and I'm sure it wasn't the last time we did so. .

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bsclly. on tv

As you may have already read, we were interviewed by a german tv channel called DASDING when we were at the Stijl two weeks ago. This weekend, their report finally aired on tv! Other than asking us about what bsclly is, what it stands for and how the Stijl could be described to an outsider, they also panned the camera around our booth. If you want to have a look on our newest designs, just check out the report online:

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Limited is the new black

Have you ever been woken up by that urging need of doing something? I have. Since I am a great fan of sneakers, especially limited ones, my friend Sam and me had to get up really early today, just to not miss the release of the new Jordan IV Cement. Having some amazing shoes that not many people can say they hold is definitely worth not having a 10-hour-sleep.

Bsclly too is trying to communicate this feeling of being someone special with the help of awesome designs, free give-aways and interaction through contests from time to time. Still, seems like this does not satisfy us: we thought about releasing something limited as well, and we might have already found our design for it, so you can be excited about that!

Anyways, our whole little morning tour (including the beautiful city of Beverly) was supported by my friend Sam's Honda, which in general is not that exciting - except he sometimes mixes up a racing track with a public street. In some strange way, I was scared as hell and feeling totally safe at the same time, which made it definitely worth the (near-death) experience. I guess, these moments make life excited, don't they?

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Off to England

During the flight I sat next to some "german-wannabe-posh-we're-better-than-everyone"-skanks - well, alright that sounds really mean. Anyways, I didn't even get a hello, which I simply can't understand. Even if you don't know someone, share no interests and might never see each other again - the least you can do is simply be nice. As we do share interests with our customers - namely the love for being special - we are always trying to build and strengthen our relationships with them. And what if we don't know you? What if you're not a customer already but only have a question and may never talk to us again? Then we'll try our best to fulfill your needs anyway. It is our job to care for everyone that is crossing bsclly's path, even if it's only for a few minutes.

Coming back to my flight to the UK, I was served the best food ever on a plane flight: a lil hot burrito filled with vegetables and feta, not more not less - but for a big fan of mexican food it was heaven on earth.

I'm not really that kind of person who can fall asleep during a flight - especially not if it only takes 1 1/2h.

So i spent my time watching out of the window - yup I had a window seat. Taking off scares me a bit and i guess my facial expression is horrible during that time. Therefore I really enjoy the landing phase, it changes me back into a little kid again: nose pressed against the window and everything outside makes my eyes glance. Hopefully, this trip will bring more of these moments that may even form new ideas for bsclly. We'll see, we'll see!
- Sebastian

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Ready for England

Since we are trying to give you more background information on who bsclly. really is, we have to tell you that I (as in Sebastian) am going to go on a UK trip tomorrow. After a long time of studying and working without any breaks, I am going to spend some quality time with very good friends, which will hopefully free my mind and bring some new inspiration. I will try to share my experiences with you in the next three weeks, and maybe some of you come to identify even more with bsclly. and its story behind.

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Stijl Mainz Winter 2012 – A Review

When Bastian asked us to join the Stijl Exhibition for Fashion and Design about one month ago, we had only been planning a trip to Mainz as visitors. After a quick brainstorming, the decision was made: not only would we set up a sales booth at the Stijl, but a new collection had to be released as well.

Thanks to all our friends as in designers, printers and of course postal services, we received new shirts, tanks, sweaters and tote bags right in time. Stickers, business cards and the best sales booth decorations ever were all packed, hang tags sewed and loads of clothes counted. After only few hours of sleep and setting up our booth at the Stijl (thanks to Annabatterie for their coffee and chai tea, it was freezing!) it was finally called: DOORS OPEN.

To be honest, we had no idea what was gonna happen. After two hours of tense waiting and shivering, people started to literally overrun us. Some designs were sold out within few hours, hundreds of stickers seemed to disappear and we could end the first day with a big grin on our faces.

The next day was even more promising, since our design PARANOID made it into the first Stijl-Magazin ever and we were interviewed by a german tv station called DAS DING. All tank tops were sould out by the end of the second day, and after loading everything that was left back into the car, it was time to say goodbye: at this point, we would like to thank Bastian for giving us this amazing chance to present bsclly to all those fashion nerds, Thomas from Shirthunters for stopping by and mentioning us on his blog, Janny from Superhorstjansen for her first-time-Stijl-tips (and the Haribo Colorado Minis!) and of course everyone who visited, bought and liked.

Looking back, we are very happy for making this experience. Our hard work was rewarded, and we can now start into the new year with even more motivation. We will definitely not miss the next Stijl, so we'll see you then!

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